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The best Chinavasion Review – Low Price High Quality Electronics

The best Chinavasion Review – Low Price High Quality Electronics – 9 Star Rating from Electro Dealio!

|Verisign| 12 Month Warranty | Many products | Low price but no quality compromise| Great drophshipping| is a Chinese wholesale electronics dropshipper, which sources cheap electronics from China and then resell them all over the world. Operating from Shenzen China, was founded in 2005 and was the first Chinese wholesale electronics website. Unlike other Chinese wholesale electronics suppliers who sell replicas and knock offs, Chinavasion’s catalogue includes only OEM products. With the motto of “low price, high quality have fun”, let us take a look at their key features. Key Features

  • Quality of Products:’s product catalogue includes the cheapest electronics from China such as, cell phones, car entertainment accessories, portable DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders, mp3/mp4 players etc. And as mentioned earlier, none of these products are fakes or knock offs as they are not branded. Their quality assurance team isquite strict about product quality as they are being sold all over the world. Also, the product description offered is quite comprehensive with good pictures of the product. You can also read customer reviews of the products on the site. Also the products come with a 12 month warranty whether you are a wholesaler, dropshipper or end user. Moreover, their customer support is quite responsive so consumers can easily communicate with them to resolve any issue regarding product quality.
  • Privacy and Security: One of the major issues for Chinese wholesale electronics websites are their privacy and security risks. Unlike many other similar websites, uses VeriSign to address security issues and protect the privacy of their customers.
  • Shipping: does not offer free shipping. You can choose from various shipping methods such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, air mail, bulk air mail, sea freight etc. Shipping costs will basically depend on your country and the shipping method; however, you can also preview prices on their website. sends out normal sized orders within three working days. Courier delivery (FedEx, UPS, DHL) takes around two to four days based on the destination. Customers can expect their shipments to arrive within three to six days. You can choose the shipping method as you check out.
  • Payment Options: accept payments through only two methods – PayPal and bank transfers. PayPal is a secure payment option to help keep your personal and financial information safe.
  • Return Policy: Chinavasion accepts returns in case of a quality defect which renders the purchased item unusable or unacceptable within the first 12 months of dispatch. The item will then be repaired or full credit towards a replacement will be offered. However, the shipping costs for returning the purchased product to Chinavasion will be payable by the consumer.
  • Dropshipping: offers great opportunity for dropshipping. Usually when buying Chinese wholesale electronics you need to buy products in large quantities. With Chinavasion, you can get products at low prices even for smaller quantities. Their ordering system for dropshipping is also quite efficient. All you need to do is put down your customer’s address and they will directly deliver the product to them. Also, the warranty provided by Chinavasion is a real big advantage for your consumers, as you can easily get replacement orders. Moreover, as a reseller or dropshipper, Chinavasion’s prices and inventory are something that will work to your advantage. What Sets it Apart

Here are some of the main features which set apart from other run of the mill online Chinese wholesale electronics web stores.

1. Extensive inventory of products.
2. Products are cheap but product quality is not compromised.
3. None of the products featured on Chinavasion are fakes or knock offs as they are not branded.
4. Chinavasion offers a 12 month warranty.
5. They offer great dropshipping options.
6. They use VeriSign to address security issues and protect the privacy of their customers. Personal Experience

Well, first of all what really impressed us was their inventory and competitive pricing. Unlike other such Chinese electronic wholesale electronic sites, this site did not have any of the fake knock offs that are staple to such web stores. About two months back we purchased a camera and we are very satisfied with its performance so far. As for the durability of the product, I have been carrying it around with me everywhere . Overall, what I feel from my experience, is that is more reliable as compared to other such popular sites. Rating gets a 9/10 rating because of its wide range of products, product quality and security offered through VeriSign.

Stay tuned for more website and product reviews of cheap but high quality electronics from Electro Dealio! Please also subscribe to our newsletter for news straight to your mailbox and free coupons or start a dicussion on our forum!

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3 Responses to “The best Chinavasion Review – Low Price High Quality Electronics”

  1. On June 7, 2011 at 3:47 am Russ responded with... #

    I have purchased a lot of things from them in the past and never had a problem until now. I just purchased one of their cell phones and it will not charge. I tried replacing the battery, charging from my pc, even changed the cord cable nothing. I told them that I wanted to return it for a working model since it came broken. All they do is try to give me advice on how to fix it from their tec team. I told them that I paid for a new working phone and not one I had to fix. They seem not to want to take it back or replace it. I’m out over $100 and I think they blocked my IP from reaching their customer service or loging in. I’m reporting them to paypal. Stay away. If you get junk merchandise you are stuck with it. Their customer service is only to get you to order. If you live chat with them the person gives no name Id# or case number to track your complaint.
    I have emailed them over and over and they just ignore me. They have my money so they do;nt care. I’m going to make it my campaign to tell everyone about them.

  2. On February 22, 2012 at 3:28 pm cplmay responded with... #

    “I wanted to buy a “Digital Eyepiece For Telescope-View and Record to PC” and a digital compass for amateur astronomy I registered and placed my order and also a few other items
    Earlier I ordered a mebook I got a mail saying that I had to send verfication document
    I sent my Office ID I got a reply saying that it was not acceptable then I send a photo of my Credit Card with numbers except the last four digits not visible as instructed in their site ( I got a reply saying that credit card not acceptable (mail from them said – “I am afraid that we cannot verify your orders by viewing credit card” Then I sent my Passport with sensitive information not visible as advised by them. I got a reply saying that the document is blurry and they canceled my orders. Online chat person told me that I will be refunded in 24 hours I did not get the refund even after 48 hours. I also have this to say about them
    I ordered another order (1537004 012-02-20 23:46:23) I got a mail saying that “I’m writing you regarding your Chinavasion order 1537004. Due to unexpected system bug on the pricing value calculation, we have to cancel order, ref 1537004. Total amount usd 47.87 will be refunded back to your paypal account within next 6 hours. (I did not even give them my paypal account they don’t even know my account I paid through credit card! No wonder I am yet to get the money)The above method was new method to cancel orders and not refund(price bug) I am yet to get the refunds.
    I think they are basically scammers who after ordering ask for identity documents and say that it is not acceptable no matter what you send and then cancel the order and don’t refund Be very careful as they also say that it is their discretion to accept or not accept the identity document you send which means they mostly will not accept any document you send in my case a clear scan of passport (which they said was blurry!)and they say you cannot send anything more than 3 MB that is an easy way not to accept any document you send and cancel the order and not refund. They have all my ID docs and also my money
    There is one thing I dont understand they say that they verify identity to catch fraudsters and also say that it is one time verification First why don’t they just put it on the site that they are not responsible for transactions from stolen cards or accounts and second is that there is something very fishy about this “one time verification” what if someone loses their card after their first order then a fraudster uses it, I don’t see any logic in this “one time identity verification”. I dont understand “one time verfication” for a standard anti-fraud check It is plain identity theft method and scamming by cancelling the orders and not repaying citing silly reasons such as ” Price bug” ” blurry picture” etc.,
    In addition when I asked for my money back I was given a transaction ID with several numerals and alphabets may be randomly generated by computers that means nothing to me
    Please note this : They said they refunded to my paypal account which they don’t even know! they said within 6 hours and now after two days I am yet to get any money.

  3. On October 17, 2012 at 6:12 pm Sunil responded with... #

    I have ordered for flash memory card with Chinavasion. They sent me fake flash memory card which does not work. I have returned back to them and again they resent one that doesn’t work either. As i was in quick need, i ordered it from other ChinaBuye, online store. They shipped with free shipping cost and within 15 days got my order and
    working fine. Now i am still waiting on with Chinavasion to take their item as i no longer need it and refund my money. Dispute process does not seem to have any progress!! Will they refund money, has anyone got money back for not working products? please help!

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